On a beautiful spring day in 2000, the production of market garden veggies was started accidentally...  With much enthusiasm, a few directions, some seeds and a hoe,  a wide variety of veggies were planted.  Within a month, the bounty became apparent, as did the need for an outlet.  Our first Farm Stand was a picnic table out front of the house.  

Seventeen years and counting, we continue to grow veggies at Middle Intervale Farm and operate jointly.  With approximately 2 acres in small vegetable production, our market gardens are primarily managed using standard integrated pest management  practices along with multiple succession plantings beginning in April. 

Vegetables Dance
@ Middle Intervale Farm 
Cut Your Own FLOWERS

Garden located across the road from the Farm Stand.
Scissors, water and cups are provided.

Come out and grab a bouquet of your creation for a present, an apology, or just a treat to brighten your day!  Cutting for a big occasion or event?  
Please contact us ahead of time.